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Kallancherry is located in the din of all this natural bounty. A local estate converted in to a home stay, it is designed to offer the guests great insights in to the life and culture of the people of Kumbalangi. Kallanchery is a perfect out of the map setting. Her courtyard welcomes the monsoons and bids farewell to every setting sun. The fisherman's canoe breaks the sparkling water as he rows past with is fresh catch - his song merged with the millions of bird's chirps from the mangrove forest.

All this while the people in her estates are still working - on the ruts that spin the golden palm fibers in to strong coir, on the crab farms catching fresh crabs and lobsters, on the countless Chinese fishing nets favoritely called 'cheena vala', upon the coconut trees where the tappers toil to collect natural fermented liquor called toddy, upon the green fields where the men and women sing and reap their fortunes;

Kallanchery is not a resort. She is a part of Kumbalangi where you can stay and become a part of the landscape. Kallanchery's private estates will give you access to all these and more. She was never planned to be a resort; neither is she one. She is simply the residence of a local farmer...a place that is fascinating enough to offer you all the luxuries that the kings and queens would dream of when the crown and all worldly leisure has been with them for years.

A good resort is a place you can stay, let your soul transpire through your gleaming eyes and tour the country and bring the wealth of tranquility in to your the time you leave, you know that nature cares for you.


The resort offers only home stay facilities. You can stay with the family as a part of it in a separate bedroom provided to you with independant access and facilities such as telephone and internet connectivity. 

You can roam around the estate or out of it wherever you like. If you want to know more about the place, a guided tour will be provided. You can savour the tasty farm fresh seafood that you catch from the farm or the adjacent lake. The resort is fully equipped yo provide you with all nature's bounties. 

If you expect the plastic smiles, a salute from the extravagantly dressed door man, a butler with a tall cotton cap etc., you will certainly be dissapointed. We serve nature's bounties cooked with the same warmth and care with which a family guest is treated.


Kumbalangi is located twelve kilometeres from Kochi. Kochi is an ancient port town along the western coast of the southern peninsula of India. Kochi is well connected to the rest of the world by rail, road and air links. For those of you who wish to travel by train, you can get down at Ernakulam (town part of Kochi). We provide pick up and drop off services to our guests. You can specify your location and we shall pick you from there.

Area: 16 sq. km.; Divided into Kumbalangi, Kallanchery and Anjilithara
Population: 35,000
Language: Malayalam
Prime Occupation: Agriculture, Fishing & Boat Building
How to reach: The tourism village is only a 45 minute drive from Cochin city centre
Route: via Thopumpady bridge - Palluruthy - Perumpadappu
Nearest Railway Station: Ernakulam Junction (12 Kms.)
Nearest Airport: Cochin International Airport (30 Kms.)
Nearest Tourist Attractions: Fort Kochi Heritage Zone, Bolgatty Palace, Willington Island, Cherai Beach, Kochi City

Nearest Tourist Attractions


For those who do not like to sleep in nature's lap Kallanchery gives you the opportunity to work with the community on all it does.

You can row the country canoes, climb up the coconut trees, all this with the farmers and fishermen working in the estate. If these don't interest you, you can take up any of the activities mentioned under here.

Crab farming:- Crab farming or 'NJandu krishi' is done in the estate. You can enjoy catching crabs from the natural pools and ponds that exist in the farm for the purpose. The traditional method for catching crabs is a sight to watch and study. You can master the art too. 

Rowing:- You can row the country canoe in these pools among the countless flying milk fishes. These fishes jump out of the water across the boat as you row on the surface. They are a sight to see. 

Spread your Nets:- For those of you who like to emulate and celebrate the fishing activities of local Kerala, you can try your luck with the nets.

Learn how to prepare your nets for a day out at backwaters and how to spread them. Throwing the net in the circular pattern is an art by itself. You can also devour the delicious meal from your precious catch. Cage

Fishing:- Cage fishing also exists on some Scandinavian islands. In the estate though, a traditional method is used. Branches of trees are immersed in water for weeks. These offer a sweet haven for young fishes and they stay here. After many weeks, the branches are covered with a net and then they are removed. The fishes get trapped in the net. You can learn to set the trap and how to catch the fishes within.

The Chinese Fishing Net:- The cheena vala is a fishing technique that originated in China and spread to Kerala. Kerala had countless trading posts all along her costs during pre-history. China was an important trading partner during those days. The cheena vala is the only existing form of stationary net fishing system in the world. At kallanchery you will find a number of them along her vast green grounds facing the backwaters.

Copra manufacturing:- Copra is dry coconut. Every part of the coconut tree is put to some use in kerala. Her long leaf cluster is used to thatch roofs, her wood is used for making furniture, the coconut shell is used for burning, her husk is immersed in water and yields the fibers that are spun together to make coir, her scalp is used in cooking and when dried yields a cooking medium called coconut oil or 'velichenna'. 

Coir weaving:- Coir manufacturing forms an important part of the local economy. Coir is in demand internationally as a geo-fabric that is used to manufacture eco-friendly carpets and mats. Coir weaving is done o specialised ruts. You can watch and try your hand eye coordination here.

TariffRipples Rating
AccommodationTariffMeal Plan Tax
Standard Room Rs.1500/- CP 12%
Deluxe Room Rs.1800/- CP 12%
Extra Bed Rs.500/- CP 12%


Above Rates are for Double Occupancy 
12.5% Service Tax Applicable 
Breakfast Complimentary 
Check In / Check Out - 12 Noon. 
25% Hike Applicable from 15th Dec to 05th Jan 
Rates subject to change without prior notice

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